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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse rehab provides addiction treatment and counseling for people addicted to a variety of legal and illegal substances. Because addictions vary, substance abuse rehab programs incorporate many different components in order to address...

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Medical Detox

Drugs and alcohol poison the body, and these dangerous toxins must be removed before the mental and physical healing process can begin. Supervised medical detox helps to rid the body of harmful substances while reducing the risk of medical...

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Dual Diagnosis

If you have a friend or family member who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may encounter the term dual diagnosis. The term dual diagnosis refers to the combination of physical addiction and mental health issues that often...

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Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington DE is a safe and reputable place where those suffering from addiction can receive quality recovery assistance. If you or someone you care about is stuck in the cycle of substance abuse whether it is prescription drugs, heroin, alcohol, or meth, Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington can help. With a strictly monitored medical detoxification program, strong intensive therapy routines, certified dual diagnosis treatment specialists and relapse prevention, Wilmington Drug Treatment Centers encourages all aspects of a holistic recovery.

Wilmington Delaware Drug Abuse Crisis

High rates of heroin abuse and addiction along with the cities high crime rate have drawn attention to the small state in the recent years. According to Delaware Online in the recent eight months overdose deaths have gone from 12 to 15 per month from substances including alcohol, heroin, and other illegally obtained substances. 15 deaths in the past few months we heroin overdoses and the ages of the victims ranged from 22 to 51.

The crisis is not targeting anyone it is targeting everyone. Due to a successful and elaborate crackdown on prescription drugs many of those who were addicted to pills like Percocet, Oxycontin or Xanex found it harder and more expensive to get a hold of their drug of abuse and as a result turned to heroin.

In 2013 according to state statistics, nearly 2,800 people sought treatment for heroin addiction and in 2014 there were several large drug busts that confiscated large numbers of heroin that was intended for distribution. However, there are still those who need treatment and it’s obvious with accidental over dose rates that individuals are not receiving the treatment that they need.

Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington has built a substance abuse rehab program that can help those of any age, race, and belief get treatment for addiction.

Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington Rehabilitation Options

  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Medical Detoxification
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Addiction Aftercare/Sober Living

What to consider when considering recovery

  • Healthy lifestyle changes such as volunteering, finding support groups, job placement and recovery oriented hobbies
  • Family treatment options
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Sober living – this can be a step towards getting life back on track and hold you accountable for your sobriety
  • Health and wellness – what is your addiction doing to your body and how is it cutting your life short
  • Medical detox within Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington – Safer and eliminates the dangers of complications that can occur with withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings.

You only get one life and you have the power to decide what you make of it. If you are suffering from an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or prescription pills there is hope for a life where they don’t control you. Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington will give you the tools you need to break the dependence and cycle of addiction.

If someone you care about is struggling to overcome their addiction or stuck in the violent cycle call an addiction specialist with our facility today to learn about intervention and treatment options available for your loved one. Call now to make a change today (302) 397-5350.

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