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If someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, something as simple as determining the drug of abuse can be surprisingly difficult. You might think that a friend or loved one is abusing one drug, but they might actually be suffering from a different kind of addiction.

One of the things that makes determining the drug of abuse so difficult is the fact that substance abuse often includes many different kinds of drugs. Some people might struggle with a drug of abuse, in addition to alcohol abuse or other substances. This does not make the drug of abuse any less serious, but it does complicate the process of getting help for drug and alcohol abuse.

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What are Drugs of Abuse?

The history of drug abuse is a long one. In recent years, prescription drug abuse has become a growing problem. It was not long ago that the medical community was criticized for under-treating chronic pain, and many doctors responded by over-treating it instead. This new approach has resulted in an explosion of prescription drug abuse.

Of course prescription drug abuse is not the only type of substance abuse. Illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine still make up a huge part of the substance abuse problem. Stimulants like crack, cocaine and meth provide an intense but short-lived high, while depressants like barbiturates and alcohol can lower inhibitions and make social interactions seem less intimidating.

These varied drug effects may help explain why so many people with undiagnosed mental disorders attempt to self-medicate with alcohol and/or drugs.

What are the Signs of Drug Abuse?

It might seem that the effects of drug abuse would be easy to spot, but substance abusers can get good at hiding their addictions. Sometimes even close friends and family members are unaware of the seriousness of the alcohol or drug abuse. They may know that someone they love drinks too much or smokes an occasional joint, but they may not realize that the experimentation has morphed into a full-fledged addiction.

If you think you are witnessing someone you love abuse substances, it is important to stay vigilant and get help if you feel it is warranted. At Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington, we are here to help. When someone has a problem with drug or alcohol abuse, they may become withdrawn or lose interest in things they once enjoyed. They may suddenly start having problems at work or even get fired.

The effects of drugs can go far beyond the person with the substance abuse problem. Alcohol and drug abuse often causes problems with employment, especially if the addiction is serious enough that the individual arrives for work drunk or high. Illegal and prescription drug abuse can also cause problems with forming new relationships or maintaining old ones.

If you notice any of these possible effects of drug abuse in someone you care about, it is important to contact Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington at (302) 397-5350.

How is Addiction and Abuse Treated?

The good news is that even the most serious addictions to drugs and alcohol can be effectively treated. The best treatment focuses on not only addressing the substance abuse itself but finding the root causes of drug abuse. The effects of drugs vary from individual to individual, but so do the causes of drug abuse. One person may turn to alcohol in an attempt to deal with an anxiety disorder or PTSD, while another may start using drugs to treat pain and become addicted.

If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, it is important to get them help as soon as possible. The drug problem will not get better on its own. Call our treatment center today at (302) 397-5350 see how we can help them get back on the right path.

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