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If you have a friend or family member who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may encounter the term dual diagnosis. The term dual diagnosis refers to the combination of physical addiction and mental health issues that often occur in alcoholics and drug addicts.

Studies have shown that many people who suffer from substance abuse are also suffering from an undiagnosed mental health disorder. Dual diagnosis is the connection between substance abuse and mental health challenges; either one can affect the other.

If you suspect that your friend or family member’s substance abuse actually stems from a mental disorder, or vice versa it is important to choose a dual diagnosis treatment center. Not all alcohol and drug rehab centers tend to the unique challenges of co-occurring disorders; Drug Treatment Centers Wilmington does.

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Types of Mental Health Disorders

Co-occurring disorder treatment is a complicated matter due to the variety of mental health issues people can suffer from. Some people turn to alcohol and drugs as way of self-medicating for their depression and/or anxiety. In other circumstances, a person may develop a mental health disorder as a result of their addiction.

Substance abuse can also arise as a result of PTSD, a growing problem among returning veterans. The use of alcohol and certain drugs can dull the memories that trigger PTSD episodes, but over time the drug use itself becomes a much more serious problem. It is important for drug treatment centers to recognize these co-existing disorders and work to overcome any mental health challenges.

What Treatments Are Available?

When it comes to rehab for co-occurring disorders, patients have a number of different choices. As with any medical condition, there is on one-size-fits-all solution to dual diagnosis recovery. A key part of management is determining the best approach for long-term recovery.

Some patients may respond quite readily to psychopharmacology — the use of prescription medications to deal with the underlying mental health challenges and the resulting substance abuse. There are medications that deal with the root cause of addiction and others that treat anxiety, PTSD and other mental disorders. The best programs assess each incoming patient and help design a medication and therapy regimen just for them.

Other patients may respond better to psychotherapy and behavioral management. These two courses of treatment help the addict deal with the mental disturbances that originally gave rise to their substance abuse issues or the substance abuse that initiated their mental disorder. Again, an accredited addiction treatment center will be able to design a solid emotional support plan with medical intervention where needed.

Aftercare Services

When it comes to treating substance abuse, the right after care is an essential part of the equation. Without the right assessment and follow-up care, many drug addicts and alcoholics go right back to their old habits, putting their lives in danger and harming their loved ones.

Proper aftercare is perhaps even more important in dual diagnosis cases. Dealing with a substance abuse problem is hard enough, but it becomes an even bigger challenge when mental health difficulties are also part of the equation. If you are choosing a dual diagnosis treatment center for a friend or loved one, it is important to choose one with excellent follow-up care.

That follow-up care should include ongoing prevention of substance abuse relapse, as well as partnerships with medical professionals. The medical professionals involved can help ensure the individual remains compliant with their medications, which can further reduce the odds of a relapse.

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